Xerox Services

Books Xeroxing, Study Material, Seminar Works, Jumbo Xerox upto A0 Size, Enlargement & Reduction etc.

  • Our Xeroxing Services(Black & White)

    Heavy Duty Photocopying machines for Bulk Xerox More than 1 lakh copy Xeroxing capacity per day Plans Xeroxing Up to A0 Size (layouts, House, Building & Industrial plans, Mechanical Drawings etc) Reduction & enlargement facility from A0 to A4 Sizes.
  • Color Xeroxing

    Heavy Duty Colour Photocopier Machines for Bulk Xerox. Xeroxing works like Manuals, Company Profiles, Booklets, Seminar Works, Workshops, Ph.D Thesis, Project Reports, Aadhar Cards, Pass Photos, and Fabric/Gold Ornaments.